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The Spirit of Place action group is working with the National Trust to understand the spirit of Castlefield, including its value to the city of Manchester and beyond, its heritage, people, buildings, open spaces, structures, waterways, and stories.


The National Trust cares for places of historic interest or natural beauty and one of the ways they do this is by revealing and sharing the significance of their properties and places, understanding their ‘spirit of place’ and why they are valued. Using their experience and expertise, the National Trust is helping Castlefield Forum establish what makes Castlefield unique, distinctive and cherished to the people that live, work and visit the area, capturing its ‘spirit of place’.


  • Identify stakeholders

  • Promote the engagement with the project

  • Review outcomes from surveys & workshops

  • Agree a Spirit of Place Statement

  • Finalise an Action Plan & work with the National Trust to deliver the plan

If you'd like to get involved with this action group, please email us.

Many thanks to James Darcy and James Bowers for video production.

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