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This group has the purpose of raising the profile of Castlefield within the city. It works to develop our own events and contribute to events organised by others, and to develop greater financial self-reliance for the Forum by developing Castlefield’s marketing potential, to include development and management of this website.


A wide range of events have taken place in the Castlefield Arena and surrounding area over the past few years. These are mostly externally developed events, through MCC Events Team although as a Forum we have worked in partnership with T3 Events since 2015 in the planning & promotion of the annual Castlefield Food Festival. We aim to continue our close liaison with the Council Events Team and others who wish to stage large & small-scale events in the area and also plan and deliver smaller events aimed at the local community.

This group also oversees the website (see additional section below) and the Forum’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. All of which would benefit from further development. Signage around the Castlefield area (see below) has also been added to the remit of this group.


  • ensure events in Castlefield and the Arena are varied and appropriate  

  • act as a sounding board for the Council Events Unit in reaching decisions about event requests

  • review established events looking at opportunities for Forum participation

  • develop Forum events in Castlefield through consultation with residents and businesses 

  • build contacts with event organisers

  • build relationships with businesses with a view to sponsorship of merchandise, events, publications and projects

  • oversee & develop Social Media strategy

  • rebrand, develop and administer our website


Website (additional information)


The Forum website has primarily been used as a repository for meeting minutes and communicating news about the area.  However, we feel it’s currently an underused resource.  Are you budding web-designer with some time to spare? If so please contact us. Even if you only have enough time to train a few novices, your input would be extremely valuable.


  • help design a modern, user friendly website

  • link the website more effectively with other social media

  • administer the website


Signage (Additional information)


The group works to develop and deliver a programme of works to refurbish and replace existing signage and identify locations of historical importance and gateway areas for new signage. The aim is to enhance the enjoyment and understanding of the Castlefield area and its history for residents and visitors.


The Forum has successfully applied for Neighbourhood Investment funding from Manchester City Council to improve and replace damaged and out-of-date signage in the area. All the existing signage has been replaced and planning permission has been obtained for a programme new signs to improve the interpretation of the area. Compiling the content for new signage is ongoing and help with this fascinating research into Castlefield’s history is most welcome.


  • identify locations for additional signage to fill gaps in provision

  • develop programme/s of replacement and renewal

  • obtain costings

  • obtain approval from Forum Committee

  • obtain funding

  • research material for content – text and images

  • liaise with partner agencies & seek out local expertise and knowledge

  • obtain approvals, planning etc

  • procure design and manufacture, liaise with contractor, ensure value for money

  • publicise work undertaken and achievements

If you'd like to get involved with this action group, please email us.

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