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We are Clean & Green Castlefield! We exist to rejuvenate, beautify, re-wild, cleanse, greenify and ultimately appreciate & enjoy our wonderful community of Castlefield. As a group of community-minded residents, we feel lucky to live in such a historic and unique part of Greater Manchester.

Castlefield is the oldest part of the city and boasts Manchester’s Roman origins, the first passenger railway in the world and the oldest of the Industrial Revolution canals. With such heritage on our doorsteps, we feel compelled to and work to maintain and improve the local area through activities such as litter-picking, gardening and developing green space.

Feel free to join us – either a little or a lot – with your valuable time and effort to celebrate our wonderful community spaces.

North West in Bloom

Clean & Green Castlefield have worked to present an entry to the ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ section of North West in Bloom, consistently gaining a Level 5 ‘Outstanding’ award since 2015.

Our most recent portfolio can be found here.


  • Maintain green spaces across Castlefield including Visitor Centre Gardens, Granary Gardens and Ellesmere Street planters

  • Organise regular gardening and litter picking events

  • Encourage support from local businesses with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies

    • If you are interested in CSR with us please have a look at our CSR guide.​

  • Maintain links with appropriate Council officers with responsibility for Grounds Maintenance and In Bloom in the city centre

  • Undertake joint planning with the Council, Friends of the Roman Gardens & local partners e.g. Castlefield Estates, MSI and other local businesses

  • Apply for funding where appropriate for planting, tools and equipment

  • Maintain documentary evidence of plans and work undertaken throughout the year

  • Maintain awareness of the judging criteria and expectations of the Royal Horticultural Society

  • Produce an annual portfolio of work and achievements to present in advance of the judges visit

If you'd like to get involved with this action group look out for upcoming opportunities below, email us or check out our facebook or twitter.


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